RepoDb fetch performance benchmarks vs popular full/micro ORM frameworks in .NET

July 22, 2018

In the past weeks, @mikependon and I works to stabilize #RepoDb; a lightweight and fast repo-based ORM for .NET. Mike went so deep that we have used direct IL emit codes to optimize our data readers. But if we are fast, how fast are we compared to other micro and full-ORMs? This perf report is our first attempt. TL; DR; You may download the full test results here. For this task, we have chosen to run RepoDb with the ff benchmark frameworks. ... Read more

Would you build another ORM framework?

July 20, 2018

Three months ago, my close friend and colleague @mikependon pitched-in the idea of creating our own Object/Relational Mapping tool. Our ORM is a core component of our services could be a costly adventure to change, I immediately sense the risks there. Yes, I am skeptical but I also don’t want to immediately scrap this innovative idea. Fast forward… In past 2-weeks, me and Mike we’re pairing to make the first stable release of RepoDB; the ORM tool we have just debated. ... Read more

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