SQL Server on Linux container with Docker

September 30, 2018

Container technology is relentlessly changing the way we construct software. The release of docker support for SQL Server and Linux version is a leap forward on database devops evolution. In this lighweight demo, you can create or compose a container running SQL Server on Linux host and throw away when you’re done. The possibilities are yours to explore. For full source code available here. Motivation Allows your regression tests to freely drop and re-create database during execution Explore new releases and versions of SQL Server Keeps you away from ivory tower of DBAs during development A step toward Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) Tools Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 Docker for Windows (Switched to Linux container) VS Code Build & Run 1. ... Read more

Part 1: Kick-start containerized microservice CI/CD with Azure DevOps

June 14, 2018

This is part of a five-part series in my exploration of Azure microservices facilities. Kick-start containerized microservice CI/CD with Azure DevOps Build containerized microservices with Docker and .NET Core 2.1 Build containerized web dashboard with ASP.NET Core Email service health report with Azure serverless Scale out services with Managed Kubernetes Background I have always been fascinated with container technology and over years I have watched the technology mature. ... Read more

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