LEAP DAY 2: Azure Strategy

January 26, 2018 by rdagumampan

Azure Strategy
Ulrich Homan, Distinguished Architect, Cloud and Enterprise Engineering

Ulrich shares some very interesting statistics. Above all else is the transformation and embrace of Microsoft into open-source community. As it is today, MS have largest contribution to GitHub, they have joined Linux Foundation, supports SQL Server in Linux and … hire the brightest people from OSS community.

The State of Azure Today

  • 1.6 million cores provisioned in q4
  • 2018 energy from re, 60% in 2020, long term 100% renewables
  • 72+ tb/s backbone
  • 100 data centers
  • 42 regions
  • G15 will get its own data centers
  • SQL Server and app server will be on different clusters
  • target 30gb/sec throughput
  • SONiC - Containarized, platform agnostic, with Switch OS
  • 60% of load are linux-based

Open Compute Project

The OCP is an open community for bringing the common hyper-scale data center architectures into on-premise environment. I think it’s a very good initiative that these experiences are shared with thousands infra professionals who have yet to move to public cloud.

  • Started by FB
  • Open compute: an opensource design for cloud infra
  • Hyper scale deployment, n-million of servers, cores, hardware
  • VM scalesets -> group of master vm templates

CoCo Framework

Confidential Computing (CoCo) Framework is an enterprise adoption of blockchain technology designed for the enterprise. It’s open source and it promise to accelerate adoption of blockchain in enterprise community.

  • secure data while in use
  • unobservable & tamperproof
  • data is completely protected
  • data is always encrypted
  • challenges:  - data is decrypted when loaded in RAM
    • decryption will be in CPU, with Intel cert chain


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