LEAP DAY 1: Rising Cloud Trends

January 26, 2018 by rdagumampan

Rising Cloud Trends
Mark Rushinovich, Azure CTO

Mark had broad piece here, some bits from history, the current state of affairs in Azure and initiatives at Microsoft such as Blockchain, Deep Neural Networks, IoT Edge, and Quantum comptuting. Some of my key take-ways:

Intelligent Egde

Edge is contra centralized. It means moving the intelligence from central units like data centers or central data store into the data prodocing units like micro computers, instrumentation equipment and devices. Ex, we put the intelligence into the autonomouos/driver-less car instead of submitting data into central server so the case of fault the card should be able to react immediately. The benefit is ultra-low latency and local real-time analytics. As the accessibility of IoT devices continue to grow and price keeps to fall, this is very promising.


Serveless is an interesting concept though I have yet to hear reference cases in the enterprise. In the last QCON, a fellow attendee shared with us that they use serverless to process images of car plates. IMO, serverless, like most microsservices best fit with stateless operations, more like Input-Process-Output.

  • an abstraction of servers, zero management
  • event driven, instance scale
  • micro-billing, pay for the compute units used
  • use cases: thumbnail generator, plate scanners, server jobs
  • reduce devops overhead
  • faster time-to-market


I don’t fully understand stuff like quantum entanglement but what I know for sure, it changes the way we understood how computers work. Probobly the most interesting is the soon we’ll have new language to learn, Q#. f***, i havent fully exercised F# and now we have Q###??? AND its also a different paradigm! From procedural -> object oriented -> functional -> quants. Our field of work has never been this exciting!

Action Items

  • Explore blockchain and smart contracts architecture


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