Arnis: Choosing technology stack for building Arnis.Web

February 18, 2016 by rdagumampan

These recent early mornings, I have been digging around the right technology stack for building Arnis.Web. Btw, Arnis.Web would be the web based near-real time tracking of project dependencies using Arnis API. It’s basically, so you don’t have to look at notepad every time.

My primary selection criteria:

  • must be free as beer
  • open source, lovin it
  • cloud-compatible
  • easy to learn, i don’t have much time to dig everything
  • easy to provision, deploy fast, fail fast
Nice to haves:
  • friendly with Docker
  • possibly CI with Appveyor
General components would be:
  • nosql db
  • web api
  • web ui framwork
  • javascript framework
  • web server
  • cloud platform
After reading through,  I have shortlisted these alternatives. Check out later to see what  I ended up using.
  • nosql db (MongoDB, Redis)
  • web api (NodeJS, ASP.NET 5/Core)
  • web ui (ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap)
  • javascript framework (angularJS, jQuery)
  • web server (NodeJS, Apache)
  • cloud platform (Azure Dev Essentials, AWS Free Tier)

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