Top Gear PH: "Sudden Unintended Acceleration doesn't exist,...don't invent things"

November 29, 2015 by rdagumampan

I have been monitoring the recent news sensation on cases of allegedly Sudden Unintended Acceleration (SUA) of Mitsubishi Montero Sport. The news is not new, I have read about this many years ago and as far as I can recall the blogs were taken down and the complainants went silent. Latest news quoted owners saying MMPC have bought their damaged cars back. This is a short term solution indeed but history will tell us this is not a sustainable strategy. The problem (if it truly exists) will resurrect itself, the voices will be louder and the curse will be more painful. Take the case of $1.2B penalty on Toyota, the case of Honda/Takata airbag that can kill you after you survived a crash and VW cheating emission tests.

Well, I don’t know the facts so I will not judge. BUT BUT BUT, what caught my attention was the attitude of the car magazine Top Gear Philippines’s Editor-in-chief, when he made a statement that Sudden Unintended Acceleration doesn’t exist at all!!


TGP PH to a greater extent even created an impression in successive posts by coining the term “Sudden Unintended Error”. In basic judgement, it’s like accusing the victims on running after the money-back or sue.


Not the best thing to read for those lost family members from this, when maybe at the minimum what they wish for is a convincing report to prove or disprove if indeed it was the c’s design flaw ar or the driver error

To TGP PH (A re-post from my FB comment, as I want to keep my commentary public): We know for a fact that it is not aligned with your business interests to write against these car manufacturers. But I believe as a media company, you have a MORAL OBLIGATION to inform/ask/mediate/request/push/demand Mitsubishi to temporarily suspend selling this ‘allegedly’ devil car, let them commission an independent inspection agency ideally US-based and stop mocking the victims as if it was their fault.

Please stop acting like deniers, because the facts are: there were accusers (the owners) and there were deniers (MMPC), but you act like a judge who make conclusion as if you ”know the facts” when the only available inspection report were those conducted by MMMC themselves.

It’s as simple as this… If you’re driving with your family and they we’re hit by Montero Sport. Yes you may shout out loud its driver’s error but be honest, you would have thought that this car should have not been on the street at all, given numerous SUA reports.

Now, TGP PH editor may argue about the NASA conclusion on Toyota’s UA cases which concludes no software/electronic faults found in Toyota cars BUT BUT BUT that is Toyota. This doesn’t mean Mitsubishi is the same! It’s absurd, illogical if not completely mediocre to draw conclusions from one report when the samples and cases are different.

History tells us the car manufacturers will never admit fault until caught red handed! A simply dig would you lead you here:

//my 2cents this early sunday morning ;)


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