February 23, 2015 by rdagumampan

Last year, October 2014, I have written an open letter to POEA Administrator Hans Cleo Cacdac (@HansLeoCacdac), this after my email was left unanswered, and my feedback to Embassy of Philippines in KL unattended.

This year, four months after that letter, I was able to reach Mr. Hans via twitter and he immediately responded and referred me to persons who can help me.  One week after emailing back and forth, my BM Online record was finally updated and I managed to print my OEC with ease. Kudos to Mr. Cacdac and to Mr. George Parlan of IT for doing the extra mile. We didn’t cancelled our plans to attend a bridal fair.


I considered my case exceptional, this definitely won’t happen if I just sat down and waited for shooting stars. POEA promised to look after my suggestions on how so we can all update our record. I noted some steps:

• An online facility where we can update our record subject to POEA validation. • An event in POLO office where OFWs can update via kioks or one-stop shop • One time visit sa POEA office in Manila or regional offices where there’s dedicated desk/kiosks to update our record (I believe this has been in placed already)

POEA claimed to have served 34,000 OFWs with this system, but we have 2.2 million+ registered OFWs. So if 1.7% is an acceptable performance, I think we expect better than that.

So want to print OEC online? For now, make online appointment and pay a visit to POEA Manila and regional offices. And don’t leave that office without making sure this is the last time you have to do this :)

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