AEGIS Malaysia, cheap shots to win a fight?

September 20, 2014 by rdagumampan

Objectively, what was stated in you’re recent ad were true, however, any responsible locator would have done due diligence to see if the location fits its strategic requirements and what contingencies it should prepare to be sustainable.

It seems to me this ad was done in bad faith and it reflects the level of respect the company has over the competition. Cheap shots if you can’t win the fight?

What was stated about Malaysia are indisputable; lower tax rates, MSC programs, friendly climate, diverse people, good infra. However, Malaysian labor market is perceived to be saturated and Western-English skills is a work in progress. Perhaps not for long, you’ll be hiring Filipino from Manila as trainers and staff. I would like to assume call center jobs isn’t a very popular job among my Malaysian friends and as 300,000+ professional Malaysians leave to work abroad in SG or AU (WB-MY 2011). So besides location, you need talent, hardworking and competent employees, good work ethics, and excellent English skills.

There are also thousands of Filipino in MY, roughly 4,000+ are professionals in IT, call center and consulting… With this ad, isn’t something your employees can be proud of on social gatherings and public events. They may be treated differently. This ad IMO, is also not aligned with racial harmony and diversity that Malaysia tying to promote.

Looking back, I don’t know what happened, PeopleSupport used to be a very reputable and respected company in PH with 12,000 employees. Then Aegis came, then Teleperformance bought it (Essar 2014)… the rest were history…

On another note, this should be another wake-up call for our policy makers. It’s only a matter of time before the industry shifts to another country if the only differentiator is labor costs and English skills. We need better transportation and technology infrastructure. We need more economic reforms, all-in for 100% foreign ownership! We need to simplify our processes. We have to be better and stronger, otherwise we will lose this race in a long run.

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