Movie Review: The Mist

April 4, 2008 by rdagumampan

I have just watched the movie "The Mist" today. I can't help myself but to blog my experience. It was superb, twisted, disturbing, and full of suspense. Not one second that I stop thinking what will be next, I just cant figure it out. It was really suspense thriller.

I only know Stephen King thru some books that I have seen some people fond of reading of. The author of the book from which the movie was based, and this definitely a piece of art to remember.

When all the people inside the store were sneaking around a small hole in the wall blockade, I almost thrown my cellphone when bugs bump into the glass window. I watched it alone as pangga is on duty tonight, I raised my legs, I told myself I should have wait for her.

Grrrr... The ending, its the ending!!! I hate it, i hate it, it took me couple of minutes to feel the reality that its not true, and should never be true.

With Vantage Point on my list, The Mist is one the best movies I have watched this year. The lesson I get from the movie... Never loose hope.

Watch it now.

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