Mamang Pulis, Avelino Razon Lies

February 24, 2008 by rdagumampan

In the beginning of the year, I came to know Avelino Razon, thru tv and newspapers, whom many news achors and morning shows addressed as “Mamang Pulis”. Razon changed the image of PNP as friendly, smiley, approachable and trustworthy. After the event where journalists were arested and handcuffed in Manila Peninsula siege, razon becomes even more aggressive in promoting PNP. He was friendly with the media, he even have nice friendster account. That was very nice and impressive.

But Mamang Pulis just proves he is not a good liar, when he was caught lying in his last conversation with anchor Anthony Taverna in a morning show. His latest statements directly contradicts with his previous claims that Lozada and his family asked for police protection. And that he send a formal request to the PNP protection office. Which all later proven lies.

The abduction of Lozada from NAIA is a big blow to the already bad image of PNP that has been tainted with corruption, doubtedness. In the past, we only hear about officers involved in street crimes, extortion and intimidation. This time, its different. Daylight kidnapping, lying to the public, and desperate attempt to cover it up with some forcely signed documents. How can you trust officers whose command chief is guilty of lying.

Just to share with you, in Canada, they have Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), one of the worlds most recognized police force. RCMP maintains an friendly and approachable image which basically how police offices should be. Its pity, Mamang Pulis might have been looking after RCMP but his lapse and judgement and involment in the ZTE controversy made him less trustworthy…

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