Experiences at Manila Domestic Airport

February 20, 2008 by rdagumampan

My recent trip to Manila has been unforgettable, not for the reasons that I enjoyed it but for the bad experiences and “suffering” we had waiting for the first flight next day.

Alright it was our fault that we’re late, and this just proves that trip to manila from batangas has always been unpredictable. I know, I should have have just a leave early or checked-in in nearby hotels before my flight to avoid last minute rush. Considering the current construction works at South Luzon Express Way (SLEX), the travel time really take two fold.

How I wish that the frustration of being left behind by the flight can be lesen by comfortable waiting area or at least a baggage care-taker system at the airpoty. I travel alone and this time I have a lot of excess baggage that will not fit the taxi, I cannot leave it with just somebody else so I decided to just wait for my flight next day 5AM. Its 10PM btw, 10hours waiting here in old waiting shed, bitten with mosquitoes, sleeping with the cats. Imagine if you travel alone, you have excess baggage, you have no cash and you have find some ATM machines or buy some food. This is not possible here, unless you found someone trustworthy to look after your things.

There are no ATM machines at domestic airport. I have learned my lesson with my past trips, always bring enough cash enough to pay the price difference just in case you got late, enough so if you decide to sleepover the nearby hotel you have some money to pay it. In my past trip to Davao one time, I really had hard time finding the nearest BDO or BPI branch in the area. Manila Domestic Road has no overpass. I got hungry, I have to buy some food. I have found some fastfood and restaurant across the Cebu Pacific building. But be aware, this road is really an accident prone area. Its like playing patintero just trying to cross the road. A very busy road with no overpass! One miss and you’re really dead here. You have to have strategy like waiting for cars that signals to enter the airport so the following cars will slow down. No not cars, container trucks, trailer trucks and vans too!

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