Community Tax Certificate a.k.a Cedula

February 11, 2008 by rdagumampan

As part of my checklist in my recent trip to Manila is an application for new cedula or CTC. Its been quite long time since I get one, as far as i remember that was three years ago when I started working in my first company. I was surprised when I was asked if I am employed, and how much salary I am getting, I got toungue tied and speechless. Then I asked in return why. The cashier then replied the amount i am to pay will be based on my salary. Wth!

Alright, after several minutes thinking, having some people waiting, having prepared for it, considering the recent development efforts in our town, and the corruption happening in our country, I just paid what is due. If i am surprised, the cashier was even more surprised, even her co-cashier in the office. She asked me again if I am sure about it. She asked me again if I am really sure about it. She asked me again before printing the document, the third time. That was the funny part LOL. She said she seldom encounter people pay obove 100 pesos in cedula. Btw, Rosario, my town, is a small town in Batangas where people mostly depends on relatives working abroad or agriculture.

How many Filipino lied about the purpose of getting Community Tax Certificare a.k.a cedula. I can see and I know many people lied on real pupose of document. The current salary if working, the marital status, employment status, and purpose of the document. Applicants planning to use this document told the issuing officer, its for schooling. Some when asked how much is the current salary, says they are not working yet. Professionals earning big bucks says, they only get this x amount which is just quater of actual amount they are getting.

In most cities and municipalities, this is just bounded by trust. Trust on the words of the applicant on questions asked by the municipality treasurer. In some cases, the cashier ask for some support documents like previous ITR and business registration documents.

Community Tax Certificate (CTC) a.k.a as cedula is a document prepared, issued, and paid in barangay, city, or municipal office. It is a documentary requirements when filing an income tax return, registering a new business. In some cases, this also serve as an identification document if no available ID at the time like caught in traffic violation.

From Inquirer:“A person is required to present a cedula when he or she acknowledges a document before a notary public; takes an oath of office upon election or appointment to a government position; receives a license, certificate or permit from a public authority; pays a tax or fee; receives money from a public fund; transacts official business; or receives salary from a person or corporation.

Exempted are diplomatic and consular representatives, and visitors staying in the Philippines for less than three months. They can still get a cedula voluntarily for P1.”

When was the last time you get a community tax certificate. How much did you pay?

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