ABS-CBN vs. GMA Network vs. AGB Nielsen vs. Advertisers vs. Advertising Co.

December 21, 2007 by rdagumampan

Karambola ni lolo ito!

If you are an avid reader of GMANews.tv; the official website GMA News and Public Affairs, you may have noticed the the trail of TV ratings report on prime time and datime programs of two gian tv networks. A regularly updated survey as resut of AGB Nielsen Media Research.

This week ABS-CBN TV Network filed a lawsuit against giant media research firm AGB Nielsen for what it described as a well coordinated manipulation of TV ratings. Not less that a day GMA Network released a press statement stating their interest on getting the bottom of the issue. GMA Network has not been accused yet nor mentioned in tv news or broadsheets. Later AGB admitted there has been isolated cases of tampering in provincial areas but insist its is just isolated cases and does not affect the overall result. GMA denied any wrongdoing and insist they play fair and but have promotional initiatives in metro manila provincial areas.

FYI, GMA Network goes public with a celebrated Initial Public Offering (IPO) programme. In just few days, the firm’s folded multiple times. I have been monitoring the performance of GMA while I am researching how-to’s and ideas on investing on stock market. Since year 2000 GMA Network’s performace s very impressive, evident by their market position as the No1. TV Network in the Philippines.

AGB Nielsen is I think is the defacto name in tv survey. This is a major case that may compromized the integrity of their job. I can imagine how demoralizing is this to all their employees and how stressful it is their media relation officers and directors. The issuance of Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to cease AGB from further conducting tv ratings survey in 20 days is another headache. The advertisers holding-up their subscriptions and potential loss of customers.

While AGB said this is just an isolated case, still the value and intergrity of their reports has been compromized already. Whether you still 1000,00 or 100,00, the point is you still steal and you are marked.

This is a story that made me aware how these surveys were conducted. I don’t know they have to install a channel monitoring device on selected households to monitor their viewing behaviours. I thought this is just a multiple choice form that each household being surveyed asked to fill-up. Like SWS’ and PulseAsia’s.

While we really have no idea what actually happened, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Let the truth prevail, everybody deserved to know.

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