Isang tulog na lang... I'll be home this christmas

December 20, 2007 by rdagumampan

Isang tulog na lang. This will be my last dinner here in Davao, tommorow I’ll be home for christmas. All my backs are packed, the gifts, souvenirs, books and work papers. I’m excited! After three months stay here in Davao City, I will finally meet my friends in Manila and Lipa City again. Inuman todamax. I did not tell my family the exact date of my flight, they’ll be surprise for sure.

I am planning to go to Baguio City after Christmas but I find it hard to find a hotel or transient house that has wifi. I found one which I think is a fine place and very cheap, but too bad they are fully booked. All units were booked for the next few months ha! Not surprising for Innsison transient house in Baguio. Now if you have friends there who have a good place to stay willing to accept transient, buzz me.

Lots of activities for this vacation. I also plan to visit my college benefactor Mr. Tony Zara. I am very excited because after I graduated last 2004, this will be my second time to visit them. I used to visit their beautiful place in Ayala, Alabang during college to show them my class cards and assessment form for the next semester. Very generous couple. I just have to bring them their favorite pinais na tulingan at mga gulay pitas sa aming farm and they are very happy. I just hope we have harvest this season :P. Christmas present for them, please give me ideas!

I really love visiting their please. It keeps me dreaming and dreaming BIG. Its Ayala Village in Alabang where where success and prosperity speaks for itself.

Reunion time. Two of my classmates arrived from Hong-kong and Dubai. They treated my friends out last month but I was not there, bad timing. There has been two bonding activities that I missed. Its always fun meeting my college classmates again, all of them We shared a lot of things as we live in the same house, same room, same bed, shared notes and computers in college. FYI we lived in one big house for 1 year, the whole duration of your thesis project. Barikang kaina-inaman ito hehe.

I have saved enough for the furnishings of our house. The last two years has been my best years. Last year I blogged about building our house and its almost finished now. There has been a lot of delays because of very expensive materials, high cost of labor and electrical wirings. While its not yet finished my family have to moved last June for the fear that our old house will be blown out my the last typhoons. Thank god, its still there and now serve as storage for our rice, feeds, woods and fertlizers. Still look like a house but blown doors, shattered windows, falling rusty roof and sawaling dingding.

It was very funny because last time I had vacation, July, I asked my mother if we can spend night there. I want feel again our sahig  na kawayan. I want to sleep there again with just banig and kumot. When I was young, all of us lived in this one place. No rooms that separate us, just a dressing area and 1 aparador. I missed that place really, while it back hurts the last time I sleep on it I still love it. I missed the feel of blowing winds from our silong. The tranquility of the soroundings where sounds of kulig-lig, keeps on playing whole night like a chorus in perfect rhtym. The 2:00 o’clock habbit of our chickens. And the visible light of fireflies that conquers the whole dap-dap tree that we can view from the whole of our ding-ding na sawali. At 7:00 PM, Kuya, Taba and I  used to count stars and numbers of fireflies that approaches the dap-dap tree. At 8PM we’re all down. I sleep between my sister and my brother.

While thinking how much would the furninshings will be, I am also thinking this might not be too practical. Only my father and my mother will live thee next year anyway. I am working here in Davao City. My brother works and live in Lipa City. Taba my brother will study in Batangas City and my youngest sister Jennifer will be in Manila for freshman college. I am thinking maybe just fixed our parent’s bedroom so they may experience the most comfortable sleep and living of their life. Enough not to be worry of food to eat next day or fear that their children might not get into school next month. Enough for my mother to raise our pigs to sustain their daily expenses. Enough for my father to just take care of our carabaos and consigned rice field. Enough for my father not be exploited to accept farm plowing for 300 pesos a day no lunch.

This also my first time to pay big bucks for the terminal fee. FYI, recently Davao City International Airport raised their TF by 200%. From the previous 50.00 it became 200 pesos. That’s 15.00 difference, I can buy another pasalubong t-shirt for that.

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