An Advise, Bayantel-Davao DSL Service Broken Commitments

December 18, 2007 by rdagumampan

When we evaluate DSL service providers here in Davao City almost 6 months ago, we thought the Bayantel is the most reliable DSL service provider in the region. We are WRONG! If you are starting a business here that requires reliable internet service; on our experience, never trust Bayantel-Davao’s DSL service. Our 6,000.00 pesos business account was never worth the value we are paying for. The 6,000.00 pesos DSL + Phone subscription, but a phone unit without Hands-Free button.

We are in the business that extensively use the internet not just for browsing pages. Our systems and operation need reliable connections that stays connection if not always, at least 80%. A session lost takes a lot of time to reestablished. We conduct remote administration for our servers on Denmark. All of our projects’ source codes and builds are being hosted by a commercial subversion provider CVSDude which stationed their FTP servers in Australia. We have systems that runs background processing that when disconnected needs to be restarted.

It really feel frustrating, angry, we are almost cursing Bayantel in the office most of the times. We will blow out their building (pun intended). We tried calling them several times. They will come here with their technicians but there are no problems when they are around. I just printed a lot of screen shots so I can show them how their service sucks. The problem I think is their infrastructure, so I don’t want to call them anymore just to get angry, frustrated and shout at the pity call center agent.

It was pretty funny one time we even consider just having an allowance for ChowKing or  some coffee shops here with good internet connection so I can update the servers and execute some long running processes.

Btw FYI, Bayantel had several city-wide downtime in previous months. Yes city-wide! You cannot send remittance money in LBC or Cebuana. You cannot even buy plane ticket at Cebu-Pacific ticketing offices in several malls!

Very very unreliable service really! Not for long, we’ll just set this crappy provider aside as backup line. Soon Bayantel, you’ll just be a pity back-up line. In years I would not be surprise if you became a wire-less landline phone leader LOL. Soon…

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