Bulalo Steak at Fwendz Diner

October 12, 2007 by rdagumampan

I just got back from a hot and wet dinner at Fwendz Diner. I’m saying its wet because it was raining very hard here but it feels nice to try one of their best Bulalo Steak meal. At first I have to ask if its like the usual Bulalo that Batangueño like me really love. Its not, its really a beef with nice steak sauce, served with rice and ice tea.

Bulalo Steak Meal - 99,00 PHP 1 Litre Ice Tea - 26,00 PHP 1 Glass Ice Tea - 6,00 PHP!!!!

Fwendz Diner Metro Avenue Compound Davao City

Its also nice meeting Tope Cubos, the owner of Fwendz and Chef Art. I have learned this techy-guy has say in IT. The first open-source guy I met here in Davao City. He showed me his drafts and I was surprised by his works and web designs. I was then thinking of asking him if he would like to work for us, but I opt not to. At xx, xxx rate, we simply cannot afford you bro LOL.

I had great time there and you saved my day because I just found out my meeting with blogie is not today, its next Friday 19th. Btw, I’ll be the again tomorrow to try your Baby Back Rib.

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