No Water, Multiple Power Interruption Hits Davao

September 17, 2007 by rdagumampan

Its monday, great sun, great morning, but all else was lost when I found out I cannot have my bath this morning because there is no water, I can’t even have a good face wash because we don’t stock water in my apartment. Our subdivision don’t have water tanks to stock water either. Few minutes after, there was no electricty. What else can I do, i went to office to check if there’s electricity there and maybe have my bath there. Fortunately we have water and electricity, but was went dead again after few hours. It goes on, then dead again.

Transco, state owned firm for power infrastructure management earlierreportedd that there has been technical problems encoutered in one of its installations in Bukidnon.

FYI Last week, Australia release a travel advisory that terrorists are in the adavance stages of attack to hit power utilities and installations in Mindanao. It has been stated also that the attack is imminent and can happen anytime. I can’t help but think if these are happening , is it the reasons why we had these multiple power failures :(. I just pray its not.

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