Bayan-termittent, Dissatisfaction Guaranteed

September 14, 2007 by rdagumampan

I have been bogging about our Bayatel DSL sufferings for quite sometime and if you are living in Davao City proper and planning to subscribe for a business account, require higher bandwidth, or works on a not the usual browsing stuff,  you really have to think about it many times. Bayantel DSL here really sucks!

Its funny we have something here in our office called 4 o’clock habit. Its the time when our internet connection goes out for control, always disconnected, or runs very very slow. Its more manageable now since we are working now on our local server. Before when we’re using a development server outside the Philippines, it was really hell working with  connection like this. Very unproductive and frustrating. We have called their attention countless times but I think they can’t do anything about it.

The good news is… Innove a.k.a Globe Broadband already burying down their broadband lines across majors streets in Davao City. Last week I have seen them putting up the cable lines and control boxes along Jacinto Extension.

Bayantel’s tag line “Satisfaction Guaranteed” is a boo boo, better it be “Bayan-termittent, dissatisfaction guaranteed”. Bayantel is just about to lose one customer, that’s us!

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