On Davao's flooded roads, Mayor took full responsibility

August 29, 2007 by rdagumampan

“Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has admitted full responsibility for the city government’s failure to anticipate the problem of lack of road right of ways in building the city’s P247 million urban drainage and flood control project.“  Read more…

On my first month here in Davao City, this is one of the first thing I have noticed. Flooded roads during heavy rains and defective drainage system.

Visible areas where roads are always flooded are Torres Street, Jacinto Extension, roads inside Vicenta Subdivision, road near Bioessense Spa and several roads near Rolling Hills Subdivision. I pity those beautiful houses located at lower part of Vicenta subdivision near the Convention Center, its really impassable by walking during and after heavy rains. Torres Street is a major spot for tourist and food hunters as this is where several restaurants are located but it was disappointing roads was too muddy during heavy rains.

There are times I can’t help but complain how these road developers expand roads without the drainage system fixed first.

I once had a funny experience, on my way to Banoks at Torres St. when I have to ask a car owner to give me a lift to pass the flooded roads from Mariner St. to Torres St. near Bo’s Coffee.

But despite of, at least now I know and I hope everybody knows that the city government are already working on these. We’ll see.

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