Kadayawan Experiences

August 21, 2007 by rdagumampan

I don’t mind my sleepless night because of the live bands that played one week straight in Landco car park, just few meters from my place at Dona Vicenta. Its still brings fun and entertainment to a lot of people and just shows Davao is a safe city to live in.

Friday was a non-working, I decided to treat my team mates out for simple dinner and drinks at Venue, but I am sure its only me and jason. Rommel one of our developer don’t drink, don’t smoke either. LOL, aren’t you informed that smoking is a primary qualification?. Anyway, I gave him two cans of Cali hehe :)!

Sunday was the festival proper, but it was very bad I missed the float parade because I was slept due to sleepless saturday night. At 7:00PM, I visited Matina Square. Hmm… very nice place! It was very lively that time as there’s a dance competition. While I might be the only one speaking tagalog there, its still nice place to meet lot of people, mostly young and students. Its like Baywalk with mixed design of Greenbelt and Metrowallk. I believe this place is for teens and younger peeps like me LOL.

Anyway, I got some shots of the parade near SM City.

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