A literally bad trip

July 26, 2007 by rdagumampan

I just arrived back here in Davao from a very short vacation and my return trip was a literally a “bad trip”. Its starts with me not able to leave home early to get a bus bound to Makati, I left home almost 5:00 AM. I took RRCG bus which i thought would be reliable and fast but turns out to be a bad decision. In the middle of the South Luzon Express (SLEX) way, the air conditioning system shuts down and we have to be transferred. Need to refundmy fare, i have to show my ticket, … and I lost it! huhu, nono I just misplaced it inside my bag. 10 minutes after, I found the ticket and fall in 30+-person line. On my turn, the conductor don’t have smaller bills to give me a change so i just get 440.00 and just left how much ever be the my change.

It was a hard to catch an LRT-bound bus in the middle of the SLEX, good thing I beg one conductor that I will be late for my flight and I’m willing to just stand up. I was at ease by then. A few minutes after, I just found out the the north bound lane of is under construction. We’re running at I think 60mph, at 8:10 we’re still in Alabang, my flight is 8:45. I was late already and I paid extra 1,500.00 PHP to get into the next flight.

Might really be a very bad day, perhaps just few minutes after I passed Susana Heights a 23 million peso Ferrari F430 was caught on fire at SLEX.

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