Canon IXUS 65, My First Step On Digital Photography

July 16, 2007 by rdagumampan

Atlas, after years of waiting, pity savings, and being inspired by thresca and my ex-boss shots, I finally have my own digital camera. Yesterday I bought a new Canon Digital IXUS 65. An impressively designed, cool looking 6 megapixel with 2.5” LCD and 3x optical zoom at a breathtaking price of PHP 2x, 000.00.

Initially I was planning to purchase a Minox or Slimline brand at For as low as 4k-7k, I can have a 5MP-7MP digital camera. But learning from the experts, I was told its not about the MPs. What matters are the settings supported, color and light balance, and of course the talent (woohohho). Also the service centers and warranty.

While I find Canon brand really expensive compare to its Sony DSC and Nikon counterparts, its designs are really stylish and very professional. You will really feel the difference of holding a Canon from other brands.

Plus Points:

  • Easy to use
  • Image quality
  • Titanium casing and fabrication quality
  • Large LCD screen
  • Slim stylish design
  • Made in Japan
Minus Points:
  • Heavy kit (chargers and wires)
  • Small SD card included (16MB?!!), but I was given free 512MB SD.
  • No pouch included
Now, no more pity moments where I am used to tell myself I should have bring a camera. It was really bad I don’t have any pictures of World Pyro Olympics 1 and 2, places I have visited in Davao, Batangas and Makati, events and session we had in Manila, our farm in Batangas, hiking we had in Makulot, Majayjay Falls, Sta. Maria and Lobo. The beatiful white sand beaches of San Juan, Batangas.

Feelin excited, almost shot everything I can think of lol. Next: Read digital photography tutorials.

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