MicroISV: Day 4 - Finding A Business Lawyer

May 25, 2007 by rdagumampan

Perhaps one of the services hardest to find in Davao City are business and corporate lawyers. We googled for business lawyers directories practicing in Davao and we found only one site. But its also disappointing how much these lawyers charge, 6k/hr! We cannot afford it (period!).

In need of a business lawyer.

What we’re looking is a lawyer with knowledge and experience handling employee contracts, partner agreements, specials clauses and intellectual property protection. Its better also if he/she has knowledge on international trade law and copyright. A business lawyer knows the nuts and bolts of these things and perhaps can suggest the best and practical ways of doing it. Much better if he/she is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

The problem with some lawyers is that, they treated clients unfair. As a proof, we talked to a lawyer that initially asked 1k/hr for his service but when he learned the client is not a Filipino, a white, the price goes mountain high as much as 6k/hr!! Its was very bad. They were asking also how much is our starting capital. I don’t know exactly what is that for, but perhaps they estimate their professional fee based on company’s capability.

I decided its better if I just do it myself, list down what I have to asked and just have my partner meet him when we’re done.

Outsourcing administrative tasks.

I asked my friend here Florante f he can recommend a business lawyer. Good thing he has a friend who is a practicing lawyer. The lawyer and his wife, both of them are lawyer and CPA. They are nice and easy to deal with.

For a reasonable one time consulting fee and retainers fee,  we have agreed that they will work on our business applications, government requirements , our accounting services, and legal services. Regularly they will visit our office to collect the receipts for filing, to process the payroll,  to remit Income Tax and SSS and Pag-big contributions of our employees. This way we don’t have to worry about those administrative works, we don’t have to house a full time accountant or secretary, besides we’re more on R&D for 1-2 years.

PS: If you have the same requirements, just send me e-mail and I will give their contact information.

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