MicroISV: Day 3 - Evaluating Broadband (DSL) Service Providers

May 24, 2007 by rdagumampan

Today, I spent several hours evaluating the best DSL provider in Davao City for a business subscription. Basically the following is what we are lookup into a DSL provider.

  • Speed. It has to be very fast both Uploading and downloading. But I think we can only wish so much as ISP can only offer upto 2mbps max.
  • Reliability. It has to be up 365/24/7 as much as possible.
  • Technical Support. TSR should be easily reachable and easy to deal. 
  • Voice and Data. Its cheaper if it can offer bundled account with voice and data in one subscriptin and one billing statement.
  • Easy Application. Application should be easy and less requirements/papers to be prepared and filed.
  • Fast Installation. Can install the service and have it up and running within 3-5 days.  
  • Reputation. Established good reputation in the area for service reliability and support’s responsive ness.
  • Small Initial Investment. Small cash-out and possibly can waive the first monthly service fee.
  • Availability. Thru it all, ports should be available in the area.
In evaluating service providers, I was very careful because possibly there are some writers who works for the company or work as reseller agent and write good things about the service on web. They blog on it and response to several forums and communities. Worst, they write false experiences just to sell. Ask the computer shops around the area, ask some subscribers there, ask friends who lives in davao and read several forums and trying to get in touch with the poster.

On top of my list is the BayanTel DSL service. I think BayanTel is a true service company, at least in this area (davao city). They have nice bandwidth range at cheap prices. They offer 247 quick response team guaranteed. Every time you called for problem on your internet connection, they can give you rebate per hour that your internet has not been fixed. They offered bundled account also with phone and data lines included in one time payment, one time installation, one billing statement. Application is very easy and they can even offer you just follow some of your requirements esp in business account where some papers are hard to process and you want to have connection installed right away. They offered 1,999.00 installation fee (initial cash-out) both residential and business subscription (with agreement with an agent).

Note: Their website is not updated, better visit their branch office to know their latest offers.

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