Davao Trip : Waiting, Take-off, Turbulence, Descend

May 19, 2007 by rdagumampan

Manila Domestic Airport. The initial checkin goes fine except on pre-departure security check when I forgot to put my perfume and toothpaste inside my checked-in luggage. It was an honest mistake, so I have return and find my baggage on the conveyor. I have to go thru the pre-departure security once again and but still something inside my bag is causing me trouble, it was my deodorant. Wheww!, good thing the security officer just let me in and let me just thrash my deodorant, that’s it and I’m good to go.

It was 1:00 PM. Cebu Pacific announced our flight to Davao will be delayed and we can expect it to arrive by 2:00 PM. An hour past with me just walking around, eating, chatting with some passengers.

Its past 2:00 PM. Still our plane doesn’t arrived. Another announcement, it will be delayed by another hour. It was frustrating but least its lighter than other passengers bound to Caticlan, Boracay where the Sea Air customer service announced many times “Flight to Boracay will be delayed, please wait for further announcement”, I can feel the frustration hehe.

It was 2:45 PM. Atlast our plane arrived.

Almost 2 hours delayed flight. I boarded the Cebu Pacific Airbus 969. It was a very nice plane, its new and I felt safe and have peace of mind everything would be fine. This is my first time to take a trip via plane and I really like the feeling taking-off. The flight steward are generous and kind. Its nice being on thousands feet above the earth!

Midair. Suddenly its like we hit an iceberg, the plane was shaking and its like going to multiple directions. You can see the plane’s wing very busy trying to cope with the wind. It’s called turbulence. I have only seen thin on movies but not on real trip. Its frightening. A lot of passengers were shouting, praying, some were just silent but I can feel they’re as cold as dead. Me? I just close my eyes and pray. Things gonna be alright :). Of course I was afraid too lol.

We’re descending! Its frightening, its like roller coaster - octopus ride. But then that was temporary, we’re approaching Davao International Airport. It was raining, I can hardly see the ground. Few minutes later, we’re on ground!! We’re clapping our hands for such a thrilled and safe trip :).

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