My Election 2007 Senatorial List

May 11, 2007 by rdagumampan

On May 14, 2007, Monday, we will all off our work to decide who will lead and govern our country. While this list may not be like yours, I hope I can share with you key points I considered on selecting our to-be leaders.

Senatorial Positions

  1. Koko Pimentel, judicial and tax reforms
  2. Chiz Escudero, broad advocacies and interesting bills filed
  3. Prospero Pitchay, mindanao development plan
  4. Miguel Zubiri, solid environment reforms proven by his bills passed
  5. Martin Bautista, medicare and social welfare, a medical practitioner
  6. Ping Lacson, environment, peace and order
  7. Manny Villar, entrepreneurship, economic development
  8. Loren Legarda, investment reforms
  9. Mike Defensor, housing reforms
  10. Kiko Pangilinan, LGU reforms and family welfare
  11. Ralf Recto, economic dev’t, batangueño :)
  12. Edgardo Angara, agricultural modernization, great track record
  • Mindanao. It may not be obvious on my list but the fact is, 4 candidates here represent Mindanao. Koko-Cagayan de Oro, Chiz-Sorsogon, Pitchay-Surigao, Zubiri-Negros.
  • Economics. The Philippines in order to continue moving on, our legislators must know about economics and law.
  • Hypocrisy. Despite the hypocrisy of Mike Defensor and Manny Villar to favor Erap’s release for that sake of reconciliation, our own Ralf Recto’s so called “Type School Building” and Angara’s “turncoat-ism” and molten “PPA advocacy” in previous election, I still believe they can do well among others.
  • Age matter. I favored electing young candidates and welcome fresh ideas and new social, political, and business reforms.
  • Arts & Tourism. This may not be directly related to legislative body, afaik should be on executive department. But given more options, I may chose between Bautista and Montano.
Local Positions
  1. Vilma Santos Recto, Governor - Batangas
  2. Edwin Ermita, Batan, Vice-Governor - Batangas
  3. Ipe Marquez, Mayor, Rosarro, Batangas
Party List:
  1. AGAP, samahan ng mangsasaka, magbababoy, magmamanok, feed millers, beterinaryo, kooperatiba, at padpao.
  2. TUCP, Trade Union Congress of the Philippines
  3. Gabriela, filipino women’s group
  4. AGHAM, filipino scientists and engineers
  5. A Teacher, filipino teachers and educators
Where Credit Is Due

The media exerted great effort on social awareness; GMA Network did good job on keeping the people informed. ABS-CBN News, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Inquirer.NET, broadsheets, political bloggers, columnists and responsible broadcasters.

If its not for GMA’s programs Isang Boto, Philippine Agenda, Isang Tanong, and Election 2007 website, I would not know that Martin Bautista exists. That Cayetano is sheer showbiz, that Zubiri is great legislator, that Trillanes is just a typical military man with no concrete platform.

Parting Words

See you on May 14. Keep in mind, YOUR ONE VOTE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

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