Migrated rdagumampan.wodpress.com into Hugo and GitLab

April 8, 2018

After a successful purchase of my personal domain, I have started migrating my blog into static pages. My former team-mate Kah Man made a great post about Hugo last year and it has been in on my radar since then. I was actually editing this entry while configuring Hugo! I hope to describe here the individual steps I took to execute the migration. The general approach is thru CLIs running on Windows machine. ... Read more

Redis, Redis Enterprise, Redis Labs & the future of Redis

April 8, 2018

At the Redis Labs workshop I had this week in Copenhagen, we had technical deep dive on Redis and Redis Enterprise. It’s great that Redis Labs made a ready-for-use docker images that we can pull and Redis instances we can SSH right away. Cool way to do workshops. I have know Redis for while I have yet to get practical experience on it, probably I’ve been drowned into data and backend services far too long already :). ... Read more

LEAP DAY 2: DevOps and SRE at VSTS Team

January 26, 2018

DevOps and SRE at VSTS Team Sam Guckenheimer, PO for VSTS Team Sam shares his team’s experiences in building and delivering Visual Studio Team Services and shows their internal dev’t process at VSTS DevLabs. It’s interesting to see their actual team’s backlog, issue tracking and reporting dashboards. And it’s not very different from ours at F5@Ørsted. Coolness! What’s most striking, VSTS dev team runs 69k unit tests in 29 minutes! Ok, that something to beat. ... Read more

LEAP DAY 2: Azure Strategy

January 26, 2018

Azure Strategy Ulrich Homan, Distinguished Architect, Cloud and Enterprise Engineering Ulrich shares some very interesting statistics. Above all else is the transformation and embrace of Microsoft into open-source community. As it is today, MS have largest contribution to GitHub, they have joined Linux Foundation, supports SQL Server in Linux and … hire the brightest people from OSS community. The State of Azure Today 1.6 million cores provisioned in q4 2018 energy from re, 60% in 2020, long term 100% renewables 72+ tb/s backbone 100 data centers 42 regions G15 will get its own data centers SQL Server and app server will be on different clusters target 30gb/sec throughput SONiC - Containarized, platform agnostic, with Switch OS 60% of load are linux-based Open Compute Project ... Read more

LEAP DAY 1: Azure Messaging

January 26, 2018

**Cross Platform - open source commitment ** Scott Hunter, Director Scott shared the many different things at Microsoft that are open source. Primarily the vNext features of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core. Core promises to work on both Windows and Linux platforms. There is strong push right now to make .NET Core applications to be microservice ready. That is, small, faster to build, containerized, monitoring-built in. .NET Core 2.0 faster build GDPR microservices and azure faster internal engineering system . ... Read more

LEAP DAY 1: Blockchain

January 26, 2018

Blockchain Matthew Kerner, GM Blockchain Blockchain is not BitCoin. BitCoin is a Blockchain. Block is a group of transactions. Blockchain is a group connected blocks. A blockchain is trusted if many many computers sees the same blockchain as untampered. The more computers sees the same, the more trusted the blockchain is. The transaction completed and the owner of computer gets paid for the service. Done, no middleman. Blockchain is a distributed ledger where no single entity exclusively perform settlement or clearance of economic transactions. ... Read more

LEAP DAY 1: Rising Cloud Trends

January 26, 2018

Rising Cloud Trends Mark Rushinovich, Azure CTO Mark had broad piece here, some bits from history, the current state of affairs in Azure and initiatives at Microsoft such as Blockchain, Deep Neural Networks, IoT Edge, and Quantum comptuting. Some of my key take-ways: Intelligent Egde Edge is contra centralized. It means moving the intelligence from central units like data centers or central data store into the data prodocing units like micro computers, instrumentation equipment and devices. ... Read more

LEAP DAY 1: Azure SQL Database Elastic Pool

January 25, 2018

This year, I had the opportunity to participate in annual Microsoft LEAP Nordic Program held in Microsoft HQ in Redmond, Washington, USA. LEAP is 5-day intensive program tailor-made for architects and developers fron Nordic countries. My colleagues tells me it has holistic approach and we could get to meet the best and brightest at Redmond. In this post, I will try to wrap-up my learning on my basic understanding of what has been presented. ... Read more

Arnis: Evaluating cloud provider free tiers

February 21, 2016

This Saurday, I was looking cloud providers to host Arnis’s REST services. I believe that all providers are built on the same cloud principles and offers basic services for microservice hosting. So, my selection criteria are very simple: it must be reliable, easy to start with, and free as beer ;) as I wish not to spend much personal money on it! Based on this, I shortlisted 4. AWS (market leader and very popular with OS community, an Amazon company) Azure (popular with large enterprises like my employer, a Microsoft company) Google Cloud Compute (its Google. ... Read more

Arnis: Choosing technology stack for building Arnis.Web

February 18, 2016

These recent early mornings, I have been digging around the right technology stack for building Arnis.Web. Btw, Arnis.Web would be the web based near-real time tracking of project dependencies using Arnis API. It’s basically, so you don’t have to look at notepad every time. My primary selection criteria: must be free as beer open source, lovin it cloud-compatible easy to learn, i don’t have much time to dig everything easy to provision, deploy fast, fail fast Nice to haves: friendly with Docker possibly CI with Appveyor General components would be: nosql db web api web ui framwork javascript framework web server cloud platform After reading through, I have shortlisted these alternatives. ... Read more

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